Experimental marbling and drawing a portrait of Renton,
the main character from Trainspotting film,
portrayed by Ewan McGregor.

I used many mediums in the experiment,
such as watercolour, acrylic colour, oil colour,
nail polish and japanese drawing ink.
and yet to explore more mediums for more various results.

“Sumi drawing ink” is Japanese drawing ink
which is used for this piece on the marbling background.
here is the process of this experimental work.
hope everyone like it

: )

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 EWAN_RENTON_DRAWING_resized
the completed work!

I’m also make a special portrait artwork for a commission.
for more information, please feel free to contact me.

tel : +668 9 206 3084 (TH)
e-mail :

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Circus is one of the most favourite theme to me. an acrobat, a clown, a well-trained animal, or a big stripe tent all of these weird & wonderful things always attract me.

these are the circus illustrations with four different background colours. hope you like it!!

; )

circus_yellow_resized circus_pink_resized circus_green_resized circus_blue_resized


As a Bangkokian,
25 years of living in this tropical city,
I couldn’t feel the changes of any seasons.
Cause here is the land of summer.

Even the weather in Bangkok is hot all year round,
but the most hottest period is around late March to early May.
I think the heat of summer reaches the peak around mid-April,
which is on Songkarn holiday, Thai traditional new year days.

Here comes the illustration of summer.
Inspired by the summer vacation of my childhood.
; )


Cult! Surrealistic! Random! Beagle head illustration.

“I’ve always enjoyed feeling a connection to the avant-garde,
such as Dada and surrealism and pop art.
The only thing the artist can do is be honest with themselves
and make the art they want to make.
That’s what I’ve always done.”
– Jeff Koons

Sometimes I just do what I want to do,
say what I want to say, play what I want to play,
and make the art what I want to make.
And the reason? .. NO, I don’t have any reason.
Just let my mind, my heart, my soul, my brain,
and my sub-conscious express them self into the paper.
I’ve just done the series of Mr. Lou the beagle head illustration.
Just a random, cult, and surreal illustration for my own sake.
I hope everyone enjoy these weird nine characters.
technique : gouache on paper.
xlayout_resizedbucketboy_resized table_resized
penrose_resized nirvana_resized mrthunder_resized longneck_resized illumi_resized hashtag_resized durerlou-01_resizedcult_test_a4_credits:-)

Drawing : Portrait of Ardal Travis.

It’s been a year that I haven’t used the colour pencils
which I bought it almost 3 years ago..
Then I think it’s time to sharpen more skill on colour pencil drawing,
instead of leaving the colour box sleep in the shelf.
A portrait drawing of Ardal Travis (portrayal by Oran Creagh)
the main character in the short film ‘The Crush’ (2010).
An adorable boy who crushes on his teacher.
His powerful and curious eyes were totally captured me.
here comes the process of the drawing.
hope everyone likes it.
0102 03 0405 06 07 08 0910 11 12 13 14
01-ardal_thecrush_resized: )

Chiangmai Trip Jan 2015

Chiangmai Trip 16-19 Jan 2015.

It was my very first trip there in a fresh start of 2015.
After being a full time art teacher and art tutor, a part-time illustrator, and a student were drained all of my energy to go traveling or even creating some art piece for my own sake!
Eventually I quit my permanent job to become a full time artist.
(I’m not so sure if this is a right decision and wondering if I can make it through or not but I’ll try my best ;) )
So this was a self-given gift for being a hard-working one in 2014 and for my 25th birth day present in January.

The Places I’ve been :
1. Tha Pae Gate
Historical landmark, lot of stall foods there.
2. Nimmanhemin Road
Popular road for travelers. Bunches of nice restaurants and cafes.
This is a place I accidentally met my student’s parents!
3. Doi Inthanon National Park – Kew Mae Parn
Thailand most popular nation park. ‘Doi’ means ‘mountain’ in Northern Thai language. Kew Mae Parn is the nature trail in Doi Inthanon national park which has stunning scenery and full of oxygen from the greenery forest. This place limits its period of time to visit for retaining nature : November to March.
4. Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep
Attractive spot for tourist who has passion in buddhism or traditional Thai art.
‘Wat’ means ‘Temple’.
5. Chiangmai University
I went there for my friend’s rehearsal day. She graduated medicine from Chiangmai University .
6. Riverside Restaurant
Nice restaurant. Some might say that the taste is not good but it’s delicious for us. ;P
7. Baan Tuek Art Centre
A small, nice, friendly and cosy art centre in Chiangmai. My beloved teacher exhibited his works there.
8. Mae Rim – Mon Jam – Queen Sirikitti Botanic Gardens
Enormous botanic gardens in Chiangmai.


13 14

20 16 18 17

My trip mates in Doi Inthanon : Mod, Namtarn, and Pink.

15 19 26 24 22 23 02 2125

27 28 32 33 06

09 30  29 31 34 35 36 37

“Thor” is the local guide to leaded my group in Kew Mae Parn,
he is a Hmong boy, The hill tribe in the northern Thailand.

40 39 41 42



03 05 04 44 46 45 07 08 47 49 11 48


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