Printmaking : ROAR!

“ROAR”, 2010.
technique : watercolour monoprint with woodcut.
 – Monoprint with woodcut –
the wood was used as the main media for printing,
it had to be painted by gum arabic as the primary medium
to make the watercolour in the wood plate was able to printed in to the paper.
Engraving process was for making the highlight fur texture.
Lastly, the paper had to be prepared by soaking into water
and drying damply for printing.
Rainbow head.

Rainbow head.

“Human is an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful creature?”
Due to the parents religious traditional myth as they said,
For Buddhism belief, being born to be a human is the most hardest
compare to other creatures in this mystic universe.
My curiousity about being a human,
finally it turned out to be the inspiration for the work project,
“Mars Nude”, which is my recent series of works,
“Rainbow head” is the second piece of this project.
(The previous one is ‘a journey of dots’. )
RC_01 RC_02 RC_03 RC_04 RC_05 RC_06 cuts-resized
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FROZEN : Illust. for Gourmet & Cuisine Mag.

The work from last year.
Illustration for Gourmet & Cuisine magazine,

April 2014 “Frozen vegetable and fruit issue” Food facts column.

Alaska, Eskimo village, The north pole, Scandinavian scenery
were used for the background references
in order to tell stories of frozen fruits and vegetables.
I used watercolour for the main medium,
and finished the work by using PS as usual.
hope you like it.
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detail : the little girl – the main character.
zoom in details
Gourmet & Cuisine April 2014
Food facts “Frozen veg & fruit” article with my illustration :)


Here is another version of Renton (Ewan McGregor) Portrait,

firstly, I drew a portrait and masked by using masking fluid film.
then I used a straw to blew an orange colour for a backgroud.
after that I marbled the background by using sumi drawing ink.
eventually, I used acylic colour to painted the portrait.
hope everyone likes it
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